Produced Water Softening

RecoPur® Ion Exchange Less Chemicals, Less Waste, Simple Package

RecoPur® Produced Water Softeners outperform conventional systems and addresses serious concerns for oil producers, such as:

  • Safety and costs related to handling acid and caustic often used for regeneration of produced water softeners
  • High chemical (salt, acid and caustic) consumption due to the limitations of conventional ion-exchange softener designs, especially when treating produced water with high hardness or TDS
  • Large waste volumes produced during regeneration, requiring disposal
  • Large equipment, which requires considerable space and site assembly.

The Solution: Eco-Tec’s RecoPur Ion Exchange Softeners dramatically reduce operating costs by using 40-80% less salt and waste for regeneration compared with conventional softeners treating an equivalent quality and quantity of water, while eliminating the use of acid and caustic for regeneration of WAC softeners. RecoPur softeners are also more compact than conventional systems, are skid-mounted and factory assembled, fully automated, and easy to operate and maintain with easy adjustment to variable feed water conditions and effective in-situ resin cleaning. How it Works The RecoPur Water Softener delivers up to two times higher throughput rates than other softeners thanks to its short bed height and small resin volume, low resin exchange loading, fine mesh resin, compressed resin beds, and counter-current regeneration.

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  • Uses 40-80% less salt and waste for regeneration compared with conventional softeners treating an equivalent quality and quantity of water.
  • Safer Elimination of acid and caustic reduces safety hazards and regulatory requirements.
  • Simpler Brine regeneration (no acid and caustic) eliminates need for costly corrosion-resistant alloys in construction of processing equipment, which requires considerable space and assembly.
  • Reduced start-up/installation costs – Pre-assembled, skid mounted, easy installation
  • Less space – 50% less floor space, up to 70% less headroom, better resin kinetics
  • Less waste – Brine regeneration eliminates acid and caustic soda.
  • Better Performance – Better resin kinetics, resin efficiency, longer resin life
  • Reduced operating costs – Better resin kinetics, reduced resin replacement costs


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