Copper Electro Refining Purification

Recovering Acid and Valuable Byproducts While Controlling Impurities

Controlling the level of impurities is essential to the efficient production of high purity copper in electro-refining and electrowinning operations. The contaminants that are problematic can differ depending upon the composition of the feedstock.

Eco-Tec Electrolyte Purification Systems cater to each contaminant problem. The Electrolyte Purification Systems include:
NiRS– Nickel Removal System
BARS– Bismuth/Antimony Removal System
ARS– Arsenic Removal System

Standard Procedures Ineffective
The standard procedure is to continuously or periodically bleed off decopperized electrolyte in order to maintain contaminants at an acceptable level. While this solves the contaminant problem, significant quantities of valuable chemicals are lost. In some cases, highly acidic waste spent electrolyte must be neutralized with caustic or lime, resulting in large quantities of waste sludge which must be disposed.

Eco-Tec’s Copper Electrolyte Purification Systems, however, remove the contaminants present in the electrolyte bleed in order to recycle the electrolyte. In some cases, the contaminant can be converted into a valuable by-product.

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  • Greater Performance – Reduced impurity levels, consistently higher purity electrolyte
  • Lower Costs – Reduced sulfuric acid and lime purchases
  • Greater Efficiency – More efficient electrolytic process, low resin inventory (80-90% reduction)
  • Smaller Footprint – Less space required, short bed height, small resin volume
  • Easy Installation – Pre-assembled, pre-programmed, skid-mounted, pre-tested
  • Uses Eco-Tec’s highly efficient Recoflo ion exchange process and unique integrated cation exchange/resin sorption (DPU) process for the greatest acid savings and minimal waste.
  • Factory assembled modules and testing in Eco-Tec’s ISO registered facility assures fast start-up and reliable operation.
  • Proven, quality, corrosion resistant components and materials selected for long service life in an aluminum processing facility.
  • Complete system design – Eco-Tec systems are highly automated and can often be used to service multiple lines
  • Technical service – Eco-Tec provides start-up supervision, customer training, and access to the ECO-SERV program that insludes performance montioring and 24 hour telephone service.

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