Recovering Resources, Removing Impurities
through Simple,
Reliable Designs

With Eco-Tec’s Metal Recovery and Purification Systems, operations gain higher recovery rates and greater process performance – in a simple, fully-automated package. Systems also deliver a dramatic reduction in overall costs, materials, and waste to a variety of different industrial processes.

The platform behind the systems’ success is Eco-Tec’s proprietary ion-exchange technology – Recoflo®. This next-generation technology breaks the paradigm of traditional ion exchange and delivers an array of benefits, such as short bed height and small resin volume, low resin exchange loading, fine mesh resin, compressed resin beds, and counter-current regeneration.

Thanks to the efficiency of theRecoflo process, Eco-Tec’s MetalRecovery and Purification Systems come in smaller, more compact sizes with easy maintenance, installation, and full factory pre-testing.

Installed around the world, all systems come with start-up supervision, customer training, and access to the ECO-SERVprogram that includes performance monitoring and 24 hour telephone service.

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