Ion Exchange Demineralization

Recoflo® Ion Exchange Demineralization – High Purity Water without the Need for a Mixed Bed Polisher

In many cases, Eco-Tec’s Demineralizers are able to produce water with a conductivity as low as 0.1 microseimens/cm with less than 0.010 mg/L of silica using only the cation and anion beds. This high level of performance is made possible by the rapid and efficient exchange kinetics resulting from the use of fine mesh resins and low resin loading. These in combination with the high flowrates, result in short cycle times, both in service and regeneration.

Other demineralizers are on-stream for approximately 20 hours and require several hours to regenerate. The Recoflo® Demineralizer is typically on-stream for less than 30 minutes and is regenerated in less than 7 minutes. The shorter cycles make the Recoflo® Demineralizer more resistant to organic fouling and allow for the more effective removal of colloidal and ionic silica.

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Recoflo® TriFlo™ Demineralizer – High Purity Water Feeding Critical and Super Critical Boilers

Eco-Tec’s TriFlo™Demineralizer produces the very high purity water (i.e. conductivity of less than 0.1 microseimens/cm) often required to feed critical and super critical boilers. It can do this economically and simply in a single process unit from feedwaters containing up to 450 ppm of total dissolved solids.

Ultrapure water can be achieved by simply adding an additional cation resin bed as a polisher after the usual two-bed demineralizer to remove the contaminating sodium ions. The TriFlo™ Demineralizer can provide solutions for applications requiring high purity water in the range of 10 – 17.5 megohm resistivity.

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  • Short-bed height – 50% less floor space required, 70% less headroom
  • Small resin volume – Better resin kinetics, reduced resin replacement costs
  • Compressed resin bed – Maximizes regeneration efficiency, ensures flow distribution
  • Low resin exchange loading – Better resin kinetics, resin efficiency, longer resin life
  • Fine mesh resin – Better resin kinetics, reduced cycle times, stronger resin
  • Counter-current regeneration – Efficient resin, effective resin rinsing
  • Easy Installation & Operation – Pre-assembled, skid mounted, fully automated

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