Spectrum™ Filters
Two Effective Particulate Layers, Higher Level of Performance

The Spectrum Filter™ is able to achieve its high level of performance by using two particulate media layers and a patented backwash process. An upper layer of coarse media allows for an extended service cycle by providing depth filtration of large particles while a lower layer of very dense fine polishing media provides surface filtration of smaller particles.

Simple Package
The Spectrum Filter™’s flow per surface area is two times that of a conventional multi-media filter, resulting in higher productivity, smaller vessel requirement, and a reduction in capital and operating costs.

Proven Reliability
The Spectrum Filter™ outperforms conventional filtration and has proven to extend reverse-osmosis membrane life up to 5 years when used as a pre-filtration system ahead of the reverse-osmosis process.

The Spectrum Filter™ can handle water with a suspended solids concentration in excess of 100 mg/L and provides a filtrate turbidity of less than 0.1 NTU.

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  • Robust – Filters raw feed water with a turbidity of up to 100 NTU
  • Flexible – Filters variable feed water sources with no breakthrough of solids
  • Patented Backwash – Only 1 column purge for up to 10 purges of a conventional filter
  • Small Footprint – Smaller diameter than conventional filters
  • Lower Operating Costs – More filtrate with less input and less cost

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