Condensate Polishing – Improve Steam Circuit Availability and Reliability

Power plants today are striving for higher purity water within the steam circuit and, in many plants, condensate quality has a major impact on cycle chemistry. Air-cooled condensers and peaking plants often have challenges with high iron oxide loading in the condensate while water-cooled condensers often suffer with in-leakage of chlorides, sulfates and other undesirable ions.

During the process of steam generation, the steam cools and condensate forms. It is then collected and polished for reuse in the steam generation process. Purifying or polishing condensate prior to its return to the boiler promotes smoother boiler operation and reduces maintenance.

More Information on Condensate Polishing

  • Higher Capacity than Precoat Filters
  • Less Capital and Operating Costs than Mixed Beds
  • Low Installed Costs with Fully Skid-Mounted Equipment
  • Operates in Hydrogen, Ammonia or Amine Cycle Modes
  • Reduce Labor with Remote Plant Operations
  • Improve Reliability with In-situ Fail-Safe Regeneration
  • Eliminate Complicated Mixed Bed Regenerations
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