Pulp & Paper Kraft Boiler Chloride Removal

Economically Reducing Boiler Plugging & Controlling Chloride
With the Precipitator Dust Purification (PDP™ system)

The Kraft pulping process involves the use of recovery boilers to recover and reform chemicals for ‘White liquor’ from ‘Black liquor’. The performance of recovery boilers declines as they become plugged, mainly as a result of high levels of non-process elements chloride and potassium in the kraft recovery cycle. Treatment of the electrostatic precipitator (ESP) dust, where chlorides are concentrated, removes the chlorides before it is returned to the Kraft cycle. This reduces deposit formation and plugging.

The Eco-Tec Precipitator Dust Purification PDP™ system reduces boiler plugging by controlling chloride in Kraft Pulping Liquors. The key element of the PDP system is Eco-Tec’s Salt Separation Unit (SSU) that utilizes ion exchange resin to selectively separate chloride from sulphate.

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  • Greater Performance – Increased steam and power production, increased boiler capacity
  • Greater Efficiency – High efficiency of separation/removal, very low salt cake loss
  • More Savings – Reduced downtime for recovery boiler washing, reduced operating and installation costs, reduced shipping costs
  • Smaller Footprint – Significantly less floor and head space
  • Easy Installation – Pre-assembled, skid-mounted, standard Eco-Tec materials/instructions
  • Uses Eco-Tec’s highly efficient Recoflo ion exchange process.
  • Factory assembled modules and testing in Eco-Tec’s ISO registered facility assures fast start-up and reliable operation.
  • Proven, quality, corrosion resistant components and materials selected for long service life in an aluminum processing facility.
  • Complete system design – Eco-Tec systems are highly automated and can often be used to service multiple lines
  • Technical service – Eco-Tec provides start-up supervision, customer training, and access to the ECO-SERV program that insludes performance montioring and 24 hour telephone service.

The PDP™ System is jointly developed and distributed through worldwide engineering and equipment supplier NORAM Engineers & Constructors Ltd

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