Caustic Etchant Regeneration

Cost Savings & Quality Improvements

Etching or chemical milling with caustic soda is often the greatest operating expense in aluminum finishing. And with the increased focus on environmental concerns in all facets of business, anodizers can look at recycling in their plants to reduce process chemical costs, waste treatment chemical and labor costs, and, in many cases, enhance product quality.

Eco-Tec’s Caustic Etch Recovery System, CER, continuously crystallizes and removes dissolved aluminum from caustic soda etchants used in processing aluminum, and then returns caustic to the etching/milling tanks for reuse. Eco-Tec’s CER significantly increases savings through a reduction in process chemical costs, waste treatment costs, and labor costs. Productivity gains and product quality enhancements can also be realized through the system.

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  • Reduced Costs – 75% – 95% reduction in caustic soda purchases
  • Reduced Waste – 70% – 80% reduction in aluminum waste sludge generation
  • Greater Return – Production of saleable by-product (aluminum trihydrate)
  • Easy Installation – Pre-assembled, pre-programmed, skid-mounted
  • Factory assembled modules and testing in Eco-Tec’s ISO registered facility assures fast start-up and reliable operation.
  • Proven, quality, corrosion resistant components and materials selected for long service life in an aluminum processing facility.
  • Complete system design – Eco-Tec systems are highly automated and can often be used to service multiple lines
  • Technical service – Eco-Tec provides start-up supervision, customer training, and access to the ECO-SERV program that insludes performance montioring and 24 hour telephone service.
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