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Controlling Heat Stable Salts (HSS) for Optimal Amine Circuit Performance

Amine chemistry is commonly used at refineries to remove hydrogen sulfide and/or carbon dioxide in order to meet product specifications, emissions standards, or other process requirements. During operation, various contaminants enter, or are produced, within the amine circuit. Contaminants include Heat Stable Salts (HSS), solid particulates, and hydrocarbons, which – in increasing concentrations – result in costly operational problems such as corrosion of process equipment, greater foaming tendency, and less available amine.

Eco-Tec’s Amine Purification System – AmiPur™ – using advanced Recoflo® ion exchange technology, continuously removes Heat Stable Salts (HSS) from amine solutions. Continuous removal of HSS allows for consistent, optimal performance of amine units with minimal operator attention required. Low HSS content dramatically reduces corrosion, thereby extending the life of process equipment and reducing maintenance and filter replacement requirements.

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  • Lower Costs – Reduced Amine Filtration Costs
  • Greater Performance – Improved Absorber Economy and Performance
  • Greater Efficiency – Low HSS level at all times, reduced corrosion of process equipment
  • Flexibility – Versatility of location, small space requirement
  • Easy Installation – Pre-assembled, pre-programmed, skid-mounted, fully automated

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