Cutting Heat Stable Salts (HSS), Corrosion, & Costs
For Optimal Amine Circuit Performance

Eco-Tec’s Amine Purification Systems (AmiPur®-PLUS) are helping refineriesgas processing plants, and flue gas carbon capture operations around the world economically achieve emission standards and reduce contaminants. AmiPur continuously removes Heat Stable Salts (HSS) and/or carbon dioxide from amine circuits  – ensuring stable, consistent performance of amine units with minimal attention. Amine chemistry is used to remove hydrogen sulfide and/or carbon dioxide to meet emissions standards or other process requirements.

Operations – in more than 18 countries – have integrated the compact, fully-automated system, making it the world-leading standard in continuous purification technology. AmiPur®-PLUS uses advanced Recoflo® ion exchange technology to remove contaminants from amine solutions,  which features smaller, more compact equipment sizes; easy maintenance; and lower operating and installation costs.

As well, AmiPur®-CCS, a version of AmiPur®, purifies amine circuits for CO2 capture from flue gas generated in coal-fired power stations, as part of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) solutions curbing global warming.

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