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Chromic Acid Purification – Removing Contaminants for Consistent Bath Performance

In hard chrome plating processes, metal contaminants (Al, Cu, Fe, Cr3+, etc.) buildup in the plating bath,which lead to a decline in performance measured by longer plating times, higher voltages, and an increase in plating defects. Eventually, bath replacement becomes necessary and fresh chromic acid must be added, while old solution must be hauled off-site.

Considerable savings are possible, however, through continuous purification by ChromaPur™, which removes metallic contamination and recovers over 95% of acid with less waste. The system employs advanced, proprietary ion exchange technology and comes as a small, skid mounted device that uses a simple PLC (programmable logic controller).

  • Greater Performance – Increased product quality and production
  • Greater Efficiency – Short bed height, small resin volume, effective resin rinsing
  • Lower Costs – Reduced chrome, waste treatment, and power costs
  • Easy Installation – Pre-assembled, pre-programmed, skid-mounted, pre-tested
  • Short bed height and small resin volume
  • Counter-current regeneration
  • Pre-assembled, skid mounted
  • Fully automated with full factory pre-testing

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