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JPT magazine by SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) – The Next-Generation Water Filter for the Oil and Gas Industry

Oilfield Technology magazine – ‘Keeping Water Soft’ – Examining the need for improved water filtration over traditional methods, July 2013

Oil & Gas Online – ‘Revolutionary’ Filtration Put To The Test – A Q&A with Mike Dejak, Executive VP, Eco-Tec Inc

PPChem (Power Plant Chemistry) magazine – High Purity Boiler Water Production Using Municipal Waste-water…

Oil & Gas Product News magazine  Success in California Reflecting Advanced Approach

ULTRAPURE MagazineDeionization… Power Industry Experience Using Micro-Media Filtration and Short-Bed Ion Exchange – Mexican Power Plant Meeting Tough Wastewater Challenges

Water Today magazine (India)Advanced Produced-Water Treatment & Reuse For Oilfields

World Oil magazineNovel Ion-exchange System Softens Produced Water for Steam Generation

Petroleum Technology Quarterly (PTQ) magazine – Continuous Removal of Contaminants from Amine Solutions

Industrial WaterWorld magazine Micro Media Filtration Proving Effective in RO, Ion Exchange Pretreatment

Biomass Products & Technology magazineFrom Landfill To The Tomato Plant — Purified Biogas Powers Greenhouse Operation

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