Eco-Tec’s core competencies are rooted in its fully integrated customer service process that includes:

  • Eco-Tec’s ability to attract and retain highly qualified and competent staff members, most of which have been with Eco-Tec for over 20 years!
  • Eco-Tec’s knowledgeable Sales Team that is dedicated to understanding customers’ business issues.
  • Eco-Tec’s on-site laboratory Chemists and Engineers that conduct ongoing research and development, and provide comprehensive analytical laboratory and pilot plant services.
  • Eco-Tec’s Technical Solutions and Engineering Design teams, who fully integrate the customer’s needs into a system that is economical, effective, and technologically advanced.
  • Eco-Tec’s in-house Production Team that is highly skilled and incorporates consistent attention to detail from order-in to order-shipped–on time!
  • Eco-Tec’s Parts and Service Teams who are dedicated to ensuring proper system maintenance and optimum performance.
  • Eco-Tec’s 24-hour a day, 7 days a week Customer Support Team that is dedicated to customer success and satisfaction.
  • Eco-Tec’s solid relationships with Agents and Distributors that have contributed to Eco-Tec’s success in commissioning over 2,000 systems in 60 countries!


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