Eco-Tec Announces RecoPur Super Softening Technology — a Produced Water Treatment Breakthrough

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New treatment method to improve performance to < 0.1 ppm hardness using only brine regeneration, at a lower cost for heavy oil producers

July 2012, Pickering, Ontario – Design and manufacturing company, Eco-Tec Inc., has developed RecoPur® Super Softening Technology, a patent-pending technology for the production of very low hardness (<0.1 ppm as CaCO3) product water while using only brine regeneration.

The new treatment method represents a breakthrough for the growing number of heavy oil operations around the world relying on produced water or low quality well (source) water in thermal extraction techniques such as steam flooding, cyclic steam, or Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD). “This greater level of performance expands the capacity of ion exchange technology and enhances operators’ ability to treat produced water more economically,” saysMike Dejak, Vice President, Business Development, Eco-Tec.

An Eco-Tec Produced Water Treatment System in California, which is now able to achieve greater performance through RecoPur® Super Softening Technology.

The higher level of performance and efficiency of SST technology addresses the weaknesses found in conventional equipment as the high salinity/hardness of feedwater remains beyond the capabilities of typical ion exchange softening to treat, or to treat economically in terms of equipment cost and operating cost.

Eco-Tec has been using itsRecoPur® systems to extend the range of conventional ion exchange and has shown the ability to treat such waters economically, thanks to: high flow capacity using a small resin inventory and compact equipment; the ability to use only salt brine for regeneration, eliminating costs and hazards associated with acid and caustic regeneration of WAC resins; and significantly reducing the amount of salt brine required for regeneration.

Until recently, such systems demonstrated the ability to treat such feed water to less than 0.5 ppm as CaCO3. However, with RecoPur Super Softening Technology, systems can now consistently treat such feed water to less than 0.1 ppm CaCO3 hardness.

This technology can also be used to treat water containing high silica (>200 ppm) for steam generator feed.

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