Eco-Tec Opens Western Canadian Office in Calgary, Alberta

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July 2012, Pickering, Ontario – Design and manufacturing company Eco-Tec Inc. is pleased to announce a new sales office in Calgary, Alberta. As of July 1, 2012, Eco-Tec’s ‘Western Canadian Office’ will begin providing greater services to the growing region, which is currently the hub of Canada’s natural resources and oil sands sector.

Eco-Tec's Western Canadian Office will be opening in Calgary, Alberta, on July 1st.

“Our new Calgary office will allow us to fully meet the needs of operators based in Western Canada and allow us to better communicate the benefits of Eco-Tec’s ion exchange and filtration technologies,” says Mehdi Surury, Eco-Tec’s Western Regional manager, who will be directing efforts at the new location.

“In recent years, the heavy oil community in California has been the source of considerable success as they have accepted Eco-Tec’s advanced filtration and softening systems. We are now delivering our seventh produced water treatment system in that market. From our discussions over the past year in the Western Canadian market, we are confident that the benefits of this technology will come to be realized here as well. In addition to the operational benefits of the technology, we will be able to serve the market in terms of equipment delivery since our Ontario manufacturing facility already designs and constructs the equipment in compact, pre-assembled, pre-tested modules. For the Alberta market, these modules will be shipped to Alberta and consolidated in even larger modules and building structures, and then moved to site to minimize site construction.”

The Western Canadian Office is conveniently located in the heart of Calgary’s downtown core, where most Alberta oil and gas operations are based. Oil sands projects, in particular, currently face various produced-water treatment challenges that can be addressed through Eco-Tec’s advanced RecoPur® Ion Exchange and Spectrum® Micro Media Filtration technology.

The new Western Canadian Office will serve the market for Eco-Tec’s water demnineralization systems used in power generation and steam production, amine purification systems (AmiPur®), Metal Recovery and Chemical purification Systems, and Gas Processing equipment – sold worldwide and proven reliable for over 40 years. Eco-Tec equipment is developed, designed and manufactured in Pickering, Ontario Canada.

Full contact details for Eco-Tec’s new office are:
Eco-Tec – Western Canadian Office
Suite 325, 400 5th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 0L6
Phone: (1) 403-303-2855
Fax: (1) 403-264-9218

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